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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Lotus Notes Traveler)

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What's new in Notes/Domino 8.5

Hide details for New features in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5New features in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5

    The following list represents an overview of the new features that are available in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5. For more comprehensive information about new features, please refer to the Lotus Notes 8.5 Help documentation by choosing "Help -> Help Contents" from the menu bar, or on-line at:

    General Functionality
      • Context menus have been streamlined for Mail, Contacts, and To Do views. Right-click documents in any of these views, and you will see a more concise menu, with options relevant to the context. Additionally, you can right-click documents to mark them read or unread.
      • Navigate Notes preference fields using the Tab key.
      • Automatically compress images pasted into documents. Note that bitmap (.bmp) images that are imported into a Notes document are compressed; bitmap images that are pasted into a Notes document are converted to .gif or .jpg format. Choose "File -> Preferences -> Basic Notes Client Configuration", and then choose the appropriate setting under 'Additional options' (the setting is selected by default).
      • Drag-and-drop has been enhanced. Drag-and-drop between rich text fields in Notes documents (Windows only), drag Sametime Contacts names or groups to Notes name fields and rich text fields, or drag names from external applications to Notes name fields.
      • Roaming User for Notes standard configuration is introduced in this release. A new Roaming policy settings document is introduced to support this functionality, as are two new roaming-specific databases (a Feeds subscription database and an EclipseTM plug-in data and preferences database). User files configured for roaming now appear in a single Roaming Applications folder on the Notes replicator page. A new Roaming preference panel is available for Notes users configured for file server-based roaming. Note: Roaming User in the Notes standard configuration is not supported on the Mac OS® or Limux platforms for this beta release.
      • When you hover over Live Text and the cursor appearance changes, you can left-click the Live Text instance to start an action. If a default action has been assigned, the action runs. If no action has been defined as default, a panel of options appears.
    The right-click Live Text action available in Notes 8.0.1 has been replaced with a Live Text context menu which you can access by clicking on the hover icon which displays when you hover over any Live Text instance.
      • Widgets and Live Text support on the Linux® and Mac OS platforms is introduced with this release; previously, Widgets and Live text was available on supported Windows platforms only.
      • Notes 8.5 adds support for installation and use on Macintosh OS. See the "Notes and Domino 8.5 platforms and system requirements" release note for operating system version support.
      • Notes 8.5 adds support for installation and use with Citrix® software. See the "Notes and Domino 8.5 platforms and system requirements" release note for version support. Note: This support was initially made available in Notes 8.0.1.
      • Notes 8.5 adds support for Notes standard configuration installation and use from a USB drive.
      • The Notes basic configuration Allclient install kit is no longer available, however the Notes-only basic configuration install kit remains available. Customers looking to install or upgrade to the Domino Designer 8.5 or Domino Administrator 8.5 clients must use the Notes standard configuration Allclient install kit. This is applicable to the Windows client platform as there is no Notes basic configuration install kit for the Mac OS or Linux platforms.
      • The Notes start-up sequence has been reordered as part of a performance enhancement in this release.

      • Type-ahead includes all e-mail addresses stored in a user's contact entry To select an alternate e-mail address, when you begin typing a name, select "Other E-mail Addresses" from the menu that appears. The more frequently-used addresses display at the top of the list.
      • A new Folder column in the mail 'All Documents' view displays any mail folders that a document is in.

      • Add Google CalendarTM entries, another Notes user's calendar, or an iCal® feed. In the Views panel of the calendar navigator, choose "My Calendars -> Add a Calendar". Once the name you give to the other calendar displays in your navigator, click the check box beside it to display its calendar entries.
      • Horizontal scroll bar for Calendar views has been added. When all of the header information for calendar entries cannot be displayed completely for a day in a calendar view, the day displays a horizontal scroll bar. You can use a mouse or the keyboard left and right arrow keys to scroll with the bar, and display the rest of the header information for calendar entries.

      • Importing and exporting contacts is available. To import external contacts to your Notes Contacts, from Contacts, choose "File -> Import Contacts". If field remapping is required, it can be done first, or done in Contacts after the import. To export your contacts, and to now filter which contacts and fields to export, from Contacts, choose "File -> Export -> Contacts".
      • Forward contacts as a vCard from Contacts. Select the contact(s) you want to forward as a vCard and choose "Forward vCard".
      • Add international sets of alphabet tabs. Choose the menu icon at the bottom of the tabs column, and then choose from Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, or Cyrillic.

    Notes Applications
      • New Notebook (formerly Personal Journal template). The Personal Journal template has a new name, and a new look. When you install or upgrade to Notes 8.5, any new Notebook you create will use the new template (Notebook8.ntf). In addition, any existing journal template will be updated automatically if one of the following conditions are met.
      • It is named journal.nsf
      • It was created from the Default Home Page
      • It was created manually using "File > Application > New" and was subsequently linked to your default Home page by using the "Set Journal" option. Journals created this way but not linked to your default Home page will not be updated automatically. Use "File > Application > Replace Design" to update existing journal templates manually.
      • More seamless failover in mail client and composite applications. Since version 8.0, the Notes client is itself an example of a composite application involving both Java and non-Java components. In the Notes client for this release, regardless of which part (component) of your mail client you are in, initiating an action when your mail server is down will cause that component to fail over to another server in the cluster.
    For example, if you are working in the Follow Up or Calendar miniview (an .NSF component of your mail application) and your mail server goes down, the miniview will fail over. Moreover, the failover of one component triggers all related components to fail over; in the previous example, the failover by the miniview triggers the Inbox to fail over as well.

    Sametime in Notes 8.5

      • Drag messages to add names to your Sametime Contacts list. You can drag a Mail message to any personal group in your Sametime Contacts list and add all the members of the group to your list at one time. This can also be done with Calendar and To Do entries that have recipients (such as meetings or group To Do assignments), and with Contacts entries.

    Lotus Symphony in Notes 8.5
      • Performance enhancements, including .ODP and .PPT file format save, application start up, new document creation, spell checking in Presentation and Spreadsheet, Presentation page painting, and an optimized sidebar refresh
      • Interoperability with other file formats
      • Improved support for chart rendering, numbering and bulleting with Microsoft Office documents
      • Support for opening and playing Microsoft PowerPoint .PPS file format
      • Support for displaying Presentation table in
      • Improved support for graphics and layouts in SmartSuite documents
      • Function enhancements in three editors
      • Support for the page slider function in Presentation
      • Support for the validity list function in Spreadsheet
      • Improved support for the Table of Contents function in Documents
      • Improved support for spell checking in Presentation template files
      • Improved support for configurable default file types when creating new documents
Show details for New features in IBM Lotus Domino 8.5New features in IBM Lotus Domino 8.5
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