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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Lotus Notes Traveler)

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ID Vault Support Citrix.

We see this URL announcing official support for LN853 with ID vault in the Citrix env. URL:

Can IBM guarantee now that this has been tested and working. Last year a project group in our organistation installed ITIM using an ITIM adapter that relies upon a working ID vault in our Citrix env but the standard LN configuration (Client 8.5.2) was not supported at the time as we used XenApp4.5 as well.

Now we'll soon have Citrix in place (XenApp 6.5) with our Domino 853 servers running on Windows 64 bits OS and the client LN853FP1.

Last year we expected and planned to use the ITIM adapter v.5.1.4 (Info IBM Italy / Marco Loperfido ). But the outcome for this Adapter was wrong:

The project was set on hold for Lotus Notes based on the following information:

Warning/Statement: IBM Technical Consult by Peter Birret (IBM Munchen) d.d. 11 april 2011. ID Vault functionality which is core business in 8.5.2 regarding User registration is NOT supported when using LN8.5.2 in a XenApp Citrix environment. ITIM Adapter is mainly build on ID functionality in combination with IDVault.

Qyestion Quote of last year: “ Are there any plans to support ID Vault on Citrix? What is the current problem that ID Vault isn't supported, is it only a question of support or are there any bugs?

Answer IBM : We have not done any testing of ID Vault on Citrix and given the questions that we see regarding Citrix we suspect functional problems.


Unfortunate I cannot joy the upcoming Webcast but it would be nice if IBM can provide me the answers as confirmation.

Feedback response number WEBB8U6DJH created by Marcus Leliveld on 05/10/2012

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