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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Error When Attempting to Install Traveler on iPad
Product Area Notes Traveler
Technical Area Install
Platform Other
Release 8.5.3
Upgraded Traveler to IF1, Domino server is at Tried to install Traveler on an iPad running iOS6 and, soon after entering the Lotus Internet Password during the last part of the install, I get "Account cannot be verified" message on the iPad. If I "skip" the error, the Traveler profile is installed, but the device is not connected to the Traveler server. If I "retry" the error, it just keeps prompting the same error.

I have added (and removed) the External Server URL, which still doesn't allow me to get past the error. There is no proxy in the environment.

Any ideas on how to install Traveler on the iPad would be greatly appreciated. This is the first time I've had any issues with Traveler and an iOS device.

Feedback number WEBB8Z6LA4 created by Gregg Eldred on 12/13/2019

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