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Feedback Type Suggestion
Subject Synchronization between Lotus Notes & iCal and Address Book MAC OS X
Product Area Notes Client
Technical Area Functionality
Platform Mac OS X
Release Beta 2
Dear Developpers,

If it's possible to implement an automatic or manual synchronisation ( via options ) from the Lotus Notes client for Mac os X and "iCal", "Address Book" and "Mobile me" ?

As you know lot of people are using Mobile me service ( ) and is the best solution to keep all chain Apple products well synchronized.

If we use an iPhone or iPod, or web we want to have exactly the same agenda and contacts on all devices.

If you can add a possibility to synchronize the user Lotus Notes Calendar or contacts to Mobile me service will be very useful.

For the people who don't use "Mobile me" ( is not free ) service it will be interesting to do only with "iCal" and "Address Book".
iTunes can do the synchro automatically.

Another solution is to integrate Lotus Notes as default mail & adress book in to iTunes

Thanks for your response
Best Regards

Feedback number WEBB7MZF5Z created by Daniel Nunez on 07/21/2019

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