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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Contacts Preferences
Product Area Notes Client
Technical Area Functionality
Platform ALL
Release 8.5
I have a user that was seeing a different view when looking at her contacts preferences than I was. I was attempting to show her how to set her contacts to synch. She didn't see that option or any others, really. I attempted to do a design refresh, and a replace. Nothing changed. Attempted to create a new names.nsf using the pernames.ntf template on my machine just as a test and I was seeing the same as she was. So then I did a design replace on my names.nsf and now I see what she's seeing as well...and here it is:

How do I get back the more "advanced" view with the recent contacts option, synch option, etc?

Feedback number SCAN7TXMQR created by Steve Castellion on 12/05/2019

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