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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Can't view XPages in server replica from 8.5.1 client???
Product Area Notes Client
Technical Area New Features
Platform Windows
Release 8.5.1
Why can't I view an XPage on the server replica through my 8.5.1 client???

Steps I took:
Create an empty local database (deleteme.nsf in the root data directory)
Give Author access (and ability to create documents) to Default and Anonymous
Create a XPage called "xtest"
Add text to the XPage of "this is a test"
Save the XPage
Preview via web (works fine)
Preview via Notes (works fine)
Create new replica on the server
Open server replica in designer client
Preview the "xtest" XPage via web (works fine)
Preview the "xtest" XPage via Notes (404 ERROR!!!)

When I attempt a preview-in-Notes for an XPage in the server replica, I get the following XPage error text:
Page Not Found
404 Exception
Error opening the database 'SERVERNAME!!deleteme.nsf' Unable to find path to server. Check that your network connection is working. If you have a working connection, go to Preferences - Notes Ports and click Trace to discover where it breaks down.

Additional information:
- Desktop has no firewall services enabled
- No firewalls between desktop and server
- Disabling anti-virus on desktop does not solve the issue
- Other XPages are in use on this server but are only accessed via web.
- I can telnet to port 2116 successfully (I get a blank screen instead of an error.)
- I'm using straight 8.5.1 (no fixpacks)
- None of the SPRs that are listed as addressed in any fix packs or the 8.5.2 release appear to be related to this issue.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can try next?

Feedback number WEBB86UTQD created by John L Smart on 05/28/2018

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