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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Internet password Directory assistance
Product Area Domino Server
Technical Area Administration
Platform ALL
Release 8.5.1

Hi, We have a external Domino webmailserver which has DA enabled to look up the internal users from our internal Domino server. The srvers are in different Domino domains.

When changing internet password on the webserver this message is logged in Admin Request database on the webmailserver.

Error: A person document for either the request's signer or the 'Name(s) acted upon' was not found in any local trusted directories for which this server is the Administration Server.

The servers are in different Domino domains of security reasons, and we will not replicate the names.nsf between the domains.

Cross Domains configuration in Admin requests databasen has no option for internet password change.

Any suggestions on how we can allow webmailusers to change password in our environment?

Feedback number WEBB8MJBVC created by Jimi Gadd on 12/15/2019

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