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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Embedded Image is showing as attachment in personal mail box
Product Area Notes Client
Technical Area Application Development
Platform Windows
Release 8.5.3

We are trying to send bulk mail to set of users with same content to their personal mailid.

For that we created one agent in which we copy a notes document rich text field to another mail document for sending mail.

The source document rich text field contains an embedded image(picture).

After copying the rich text field to new memo document mail is shooted to internal mailid and personal mailId.

When we open the mail in internal notes mail box the embedded image is visible as it is. But when we the mail in personal mail box (yahoo) then image is converted to attachment.

Can you help me how to retain the embedded image as it is when we send to personal mail box also.


Feedback number WEBBAU77LW created by Maheswari K Kanahamani on 12/16/2018

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