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Subject Preconfigure Traveler with host and port?
Product Area Notes Traveler
Technical Area Install
Platform ALL
Release 8.5.3

We have a technical challenge at our Company, we use Lotus Notes and Traveler. Our Android phones uses a software called Zenprise which is used to lock down the phones for the users.

At the moment the users connect using Lotus Traveler client directly to the Traveler server using using standard SSL (port 443).

Now we want to use Zenprise as a proxy. So Traveler should connect to instead.

Is this possible to do using Lotus Traveler?

I see two possible solutions:
1) Using the server I can push out new settings?
--- I cannot find any info about this
2) We can preconfigure a LotusTraveler.apk that we push out to the users. This package will have correct server name preconfigured.
--- I extracted the APK-file and in the folder LotusTraveler.apk/res/xml/ there is a file called "preferences_server.xml" but it is in binary format so it is difficult to edit.

Is there any solution for this?

The alternative 2) would be quite ok for us because we can uninstall current traveler using Zenprise and the force install of a modified LotusTraveler.apk and the users would be synking mail rather quickly.

In the company we have: Android, Nokia an iPhone, but Android has highest priority for us.

Feedback number WEBB8YKCXY created by Anders Aslund on 11/17/2019

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