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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Multiple OOO (please)
Product Area Notes Client
Technical Area Functionality
Platform Windows XP client
Release Beta 2
Why is there only ONE Out-of-Office? I have the ability to setup in my calendar multiple vacation events and for each I have the option to set the OOO - but unfortunately it appears that there is only ONE OOO to enable/disable.

It should be possible to have an OOO defined for each vacation event or any other out-of-office event and have it automatically enable and disable based on the date (and time) that I define.

For example I would like to define an OOO to begin at 5pm on date xx/dd/yy and to end (disable) at 7am on date zz/dd/yy.

Please consider this for the next update - your clients will appreciate this.

Feedback number LBDK7MSKPQ created by Lionel B Dyck on 07/21/2019

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