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Thanks. There are mobile device management issues that iOS6 present given apple has decided to move away from a static ID methodology. Our MDM is Mobile Iron which will be affected will other MDM's . We disabled the Traveler approval process due to it's own set of problems. Good thing because it now sounds like the traveler approval flags will light up like a Christmas tree.

Known issues with Apple IOS6 and Notes Traveler.

Are there any known issues with iOS 6 devices when used with Lotus Notes Traveler?
For Apple iOS6 devices, IBM Lotus Notes Traveler will continue to support mail, calendar and contact features as long as the server is at the appropriate level as indicated in the Traveler Support for the Latest Device Updates document.
In support of Apple iOS 6 devices, please note the following conditions and changes that accompany this Apple iOS version as it relates to Lotus Notes Traveler usage. This list is subject to change over time as Apple releases the publicly available OS and OS updates.

1. Device ID changes starting in Apple iOS 6

Starting with Apple iOS 6, Apple changed the device identifier used as part of the account that syncs with Lotus Notes Traveler. This device identifier will no longer be tied to the serial number of the device. The device ID is now calculated and may change each time the device is reset. It is unknown whether the current device ID will be maintained or changed when doing an Apple iOS update from iOS4 or iOS5 to iOS 6.

There is no correlation between the previous and latest device IDs, so Lotus Notes Traveler will treat each unique device ID as a new device. If you are using the device approval process included with Lotus Notes Traveler, this may require the device to be approved. If you are using a reverse proxy or mobile device management solution (MDM) that relies on this device ID, you may also need to take additional steps to cope with the changed device IDs.

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