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Subject I'm running XP. This is ridiculous.
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I don't understand this last solution posted about running as an Admin...that must be something related to Windows 7.

I've been developing Web apps for 10 years. My company is deciding whether or not to keep Domino around, and I'm supposed to show them some of the enhanced web devo capability of 8.5. They don't understand or care about the improvements to designer. They just want to see something cool done with their data and apps. Now, I'm on my 3rd day wasted of simply trying to get an XPage to display.

Please help.

I just read that I can try this:
check the Notes.ini for HTTPDisableJVM=1 and change it to "0"

I'll have to wait for the Admin to arrive so that I can get to the server box and access the notes.ini file.
Does anyone know if this will work and/or if I have to restart the server once I make that change?

Feedback number WEBB8GKG2Q created by on 12/13/2019

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