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Subject Resolved...
Posting the answer to my question in case somebody else runs across it.

Coworker found this thread in the 6/7 forum:,wh%3Fch,excludes,any,documents,that,have,the,%24conflict,field,available,just,in,case.,everything,is,working,smoothly,so,far.

Sure enough, adding !@IsAvailabe($Conflict) to the view selection fixes it.

Turns out the error message isn't quite so cryptic after all. The build couldn't complete due to a conflict, but we just couldn't see there was a conflict because the view wouldn't build. Changing the form name eliminated whatever the conflict was and sent me down the path to thinking something was wrong with the form.

However, now the view of course may be missing some items. I suggest a second admin type view to just show documents with conflicts that need to be resolved so that they can be fixed and get back into your proper view.

Feedback response number WEBB8PBL9J created by erik r welch on 09/17/2019

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