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Subject Single Sign On and ID Vault
At this point, we are still using Single Sign On for Notes clients, and while we are evaluating Shared Login, we cannot yet move to that for external reasons.

However, we do have a need for managing ID files, and would really love to implement the ID Vault, if for no other reason to support encrypted messages in iNotes and Traveler. Password management/reset is a lesser issue for us.

I’ve seen references that the ID vault is not supported with Single Sign-on, but other references from people who are using it successfully. I also found this reference: “Using Client Single Logon with the ID vault is not a supported configuration. We are not currently aware of any issues that would occur if you use them both. However, there may be edge cases where problems may occur.” (Nancy E Kho)

Can you detail what are the problems that we may encounter, as we’d like to make an informed decision as to whether these are conditions that we can live with for now, until we are ready to move to Shared Logon. For example, if we needed to manually resync passwords under certain conditions, we can probably live with that.

Our servers are at 8.5.2/3, and clients are 8.5.2.

Feedback response number WEBB8U4TM9 created by Tim Beeber on 10/19/2019

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