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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Lotus Notes Traveler)



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0 to 42 of 43 results for "RegisterNewUser"

94%30.Jul.18Not able to create new user using RegisterNewUser functionMaheswari Kanahamani
93%30.Jul.18Yes you canMark Taylor
93%17.Nov.11Notes API issueHarin Patel
93%12.Apr.11RegisterNewUser and ID VaultBrian Benson
93%10.Sep.10RegisterNewUser and ID encryption levelBrian Benson
93%2.Dec.09Is there a way to control encryption strength with RegisterNewUser?Brian Benson
92%15.Dec.11Renaming user is not working properly through API callsshiva pavushetty
92%25.Apr.11user registration through java codevasanthakumar vaiyapuri
92%11.Apr.11RegisterNewUser and ID VaultSteve Sherwood
92%8.Feb.11RegisterNewUser and ID VaultF Buschhausen
91%21.May.14mailsystem propertyPaul K Smerdon
91%25.Oct.11Will NotesRegistration.RegisterNewUser support idfile$ arguments where the ID file has multiple passwords?Stephen Cooke
91%4.Aug.09NoDavid Schneck
90%28.Oct.13I need this temporary folder to enable roamingHarry Bellafonte
89%1.Dec.13Bulk User RegistrationCynthia Soon
89%8.May.12Sending ID file to ID vaultRamunas Berulis
89%14.Feb.12RegisterNewUser COM problemBen W Cooper
89%12.Apr.11ID File path and Password still required?Steve Sherwood
89%14.Dec.09Is there a solution available?Patrick Tippner
88%19.Mar.12RegisterNewUser javaFrancisco Javier Ortega Parra
88%16.May.11It does work - users may need server admin accessSteve Sherwood
87%26.Dec.11RegisterNewUser and "Current key strength" of the created id fileLaurence S Lebegue
86%21.May.14New User registrationZafar A Shaikh
86%29.Apr.14Mail domain and mail address cannot be updated.Shang Gao
86%25.Oct.11Can I "downgrade" an ID with multiple passwords back to its original, single password?Stephen Cooke
86%7.Sep.11You should be able to use the Domino Java classess...Wayne Gibbons
86%20.Jan.11Problem fixed?F Buschhausen
86%26.Aug.09Update Multiple Person Documents w/LotusscriptDarren Zamrykut
86%22.Apr.09How to send the ID File into the user's R8.5 mailbox with LotusScriptLaurence S Lebegue
85%2.Aug.18codeMaheswari Kanahamani
85%21.Oct.13Making a user roaming through the Registration classJerry Manner
85%28.Nov.10Enabling Help Desk to create users and roaming filesMichael Radojkovic
85%14.Oct.08Register users with Lotusscript and ID VaultMarta Birgoth
84%19.Jun.12Problem in Id creation automationMeena Ramesh
83%31.Jul.18I have had no issueMark Taylor
83%31.May.12SolvedKai-Uwe Rommel
83%3.Jan.11Delete the user id from ID Vault through standard Lotusscript class methodsPatrick Mens
81%15.Oct.08Sample codeMarta Birgoth
80%29.Jan.12while using notesregister class to register user, using CA to register, always failedjovi wang
79%7.Feb.12Web service questionBrandon Moore
78%10.May.10errors using notesregistration classuwe jandt
77%25.Sep.12Person doc is created not mail file and I get Notes error: You are not authorized to perform that operationS Garratt
77%23.Jun.12Problem in Id creationMeena Ramesh

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