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IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Lotus Notes Traveler)

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Subject: Manage blocked sender's list
Feedback Type: Problem
Product Area: Notes Client
Technical Area: Customization
Platform: Windows
Release: 8.5.3
Reproducible: -Reproducibility-

Below script work well but I want to remove quotes in output result. The script extracts blocked sender list to text file.
example ""
Sub Initialize
Dim s As NotesSession
Dim ws As NotesUIWorkspace
Dim mailDb As NotesDatabase
Dim profile As NotesDocument
Dim dbName As Variant
Dim dbServerName As String
Dim dbFileName As String
Dim blockedArray As Variant
Set s = New NotesSession
Set ws = New NotesUIWorkspace

dbName = ws.Prompt(13, "Select Mail Database", "Select the database to extract a blocked senders list from")
If IsEmpty(dbName) Then
MessageBox "No database selected; agent quitting."
Exit Sub
End If
dbServerName = dbName(0)
dbFileName = dbName(1)
Set mailDB = s.GetDatabase(dbServerName, dbFileName)
If Not mailDb.IsOpen Then
Call mailDb.Open("", "")
End If
Set profile = mailDb.GetProfileDocument("CalendarProfile")
If profile.HasItem("$Filter_BlockAddressList") Then
blockedArray = profile.GetItemValue("$Filter_BlockAddressList")
If (UBound(blockedArray) = 0) And (blockedArray(0) = "") Then
MessageBox "No blocked addresses for this database."
Exit Sub
End If
Dim ownerName As NotesName, ownerFilePart As String
Set ownerName = s.CreateName(profile.GetItemValue("Owner")(0))
ownerFilePart = Join(Split(ownerName.Abbreviated, "/"), " ")

Dim filePath As Variant
filePath = ws.SaveFileDialog(False, "Save Blocked Senders List As", "Text Files|*.txt",,ownerFilePart + "_blocked.txt")
If IsEmpty(filePath) Then
MessageBox "No filename selected; agent quitting."
Exit Sub
filePath = filePath(0) 'converts single-element array to string
Dim fileNum As Integer
fileNum = FreeFile
Open filePath For Output As fileNum
ForAll blocked In blockedArray
Write #fileNum, blocked
End ForAll
Close fileNum
End If
MessageBox "No blocked addresses for this database."
End If
End Sub

Feedback number WEBBB39JDW created by alpanh patel on 08/02/2018

Status: Open

Manage blocked sender's list (alpanh patel 2.Aug.18)
. . I'm not saying this'll be what you ... (Mike Woolsey 6.Aug.18)


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