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you're going to have to edit that server document

Not sure how you ended up with a server document that doesn't have anything in the Administrators field; that's populated at setup time with the name you entered into the new server registration dialog. I don't even think there's a time when that field is empty, so I don't think that a replication conflict on the server document could explain that.

You need to get your name (or, in my preference, and admin group name) back into the administrators field. It appears that you're not even authorized to edit the server document, so I'd try the old trick if running the server's local client -- if (a) your server OS is Windows and (b) that trick even still works, which I don't know because my R8 servers are all running on iSeries boxes. But try it; in the program directory on your server, run nlnotes.exe. Ignore the error messages that pop up. (If things are the same as in older versions, you should get one right away and another after about 30 seconds.) From that Notes client, the public NAB will appear to be the local personal address book, so access it locally, and you should be able to edit. (I just checked, and the Enforce a consistent ACL option does not appear to set itself on the NAB ACL by default.)

Feedback response number WEBB772R43 created by Bruce Stapley on 09/14/2007

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