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No, you were not...

>>The question was are you sure the program doc
>>actually runs and does it excute the exe.
>>That is why I stated to try a batch file
>>where you can echo to a file right before and
>>after it ran.

>[NG] Thats "excute" what ???
"Execute the exe", i.e. the program (a.k.a. executable, often abbreviated as exe or .exe based on the old DOS extension) you are trying to run using the program document.

>Pls. stop talking about the program - I'm a
>newbie to "Program Documents", I do not want
>to hear about the program !!!

It is relevant. My first thought when I read the original post by you wast the same as Barry had. Are you really sure that the program you are trying to launch actually can run? Is the path correct, are the arguments correct, does it have sufficient privileges, etc.

>[NG] You are making a fool of yourself
I think you are, you are coming here, asking for help, then having an attitude when Barry is trying to help. He had valid questions, as you just wrote "I have not been able to get anything to run !!!". That is not very helpful. You also did not include any information about what you tested, the result of those tests, etc.

The first thing i would have done is to write a small executable that only return the arguments passed to it. That way you can test if you have the program document set up correctly.
If that is the case, you would knwo that the problem is in your program.

Also, I think it is interesting that you are posting using an account with a company name, and you only identify yourself with initials. I think common courtesy is that you at least sign your posts with your full name, if you don't use an individual account (which I recommend).
A little Google search seems to indicate that you are Nigel Grant, which matches the initals used in your post.

>[NG] I asked you do you have experience
>with "Program Documents", you did not answer,
>so I am guessing that is a NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO
>from BS ???

Now you sound like my son sounded like in Kindergarten... :-) Barry had some valid questions, and I don't think your response was warranted.

When it comes to program documents, I have not used them either. However, your program (which you don't describe more in detail) is probably not considered an API program (what the in this regard fairly outdated documentation probably mean by that is a program created using the C API and running as a plugin to the Domino server). I would experiment by calling a .bat file (the Windows equivialent of the OS/2 command file), which then calls your program.
That .bat file could also be used to just echo the arguments back, so you could see that it actually works.

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