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Notes/Domino 8 Forum

Domino 8 - Information and known issues with the new UNIX Install Shield Multi-Platform (ISMP) installer

This excerpt from the Beta 2 Release Notes will be of interest to those installing a Domino 8 beta server:

Information and known issues with the new UNIX ISMP installer

Release Note Text:
The new ISMP installer requires that you log on as the root user in order to perform the install. The following known issues occur when using the UNIX ISMP installer:
  • There are three modes of installation with the new ISMP installer. Graphical interface in interactive mode -- use this method to synchronously monitor the installation processing and results. If the target console has no graphical interface, or if one is not desired, you can use console or silent installation.

When launching the install in graphical mode where the graphical interface is unavailable, the installer will exit display a message indicating that the installer is unable to run in graphical mode, and to try running the installer with -console or the -silent option.

To run the installation in graphical mode, enter: ./setupPlatform.bin
To run the installation in console mode, enter: ./setupPlatform.bin -console
To run the installation in silent mode, enter: ./setupPlatform.bin -silent -options <path to unix_response.dat>

The new ISMP installations can also be uninstalled in both graphical and console modes from the /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/latest/<platform>/_uninst directory.

To run the uninstall in graphical mode, enter: ./uninstaller.bin
To run the uninstall in console mode, enter: ./uninstaller.bin -console
  • Remote, Express and xSP (service provider) installations are not supported in this beta release.
  • When installing on a system with low disk space, a message may display indicating that there may not be enough temporary disk space, and to try using -is:tempdir, in order to use a temporary directory on a partition with more disk space.

To run the installation specifying the temporary directory, enter:
./setupPlatform.bin -is:tempdir "<directory>"
where <directory> is the name of a directory on a partition with more available disk space
  • When installing to (or under) the default program path (/opt/ibm/lotus) do not select the option to create the /opt/ibm/lotus soft link because doing so will cause the installation to fail.
  • Avoid upgrading servers installed under the default program path (ex. /opt/ibm/lotus/myserver/lotus). The program files will be installed to the default program path (/opt/ibm/lotus) causing issues when running the upgraded server.
  • When launching a UNIX server, the following error may display:
ERROR INITIALIZING STREAMS DRIVER!!, It might not have not been installed on the system.

The above error has been seen only on Solaris 5.10, configured with local zones. If you see this error or experience a related crash, check to see if you have the following soft link and, if not, create it manually:

/dev/listen (This file should be a soft link to /devices/pseudo/listen@0:listen).
  • When upgrading the server, avoid selecting the Local or Remote setup types. While the server launches as expected, you will not see the console output and in some cases the installation will hang.
  • For installation on AIX, an OS Warning message may display indicating that your current version is higher than the required minimum. Ignore the message advising you to upgrade your operating system.
  • At the end of some console mode installations, the following message may display: "Could not find command." You can ignore this error. It is not an indication that the installation was not successful.
  • The new installer validates the group name such that the user must belong to the group being specified. If you successfully installed with specific user and group names in previous Domino versions, it does not necessarily mean that the previously supplied group name will now be valid.

If you provide user and group names, and the following message appears: "Group <group name> is not a valid group for user <user name>...," either (1) add the user to the group you are supplying or (2) as that user, type the "id" command and choose a valid group that the user already belongs to.
  • Existing script.dat files from previous Domino versions cannot be used with the new ISMP installer. Modify a local copy of the file sample unix_response.dat provided with the install kits. More options are now available than in the previous installation's script.dat file. Take note of the following information:
  • There are two Setup Type sections. The first Setup Type section is for installing the product in Express mode and the second Setup Type section is for installing the product in "normal" mode. Modify the second Setup Type with your installation type choice. (Express mode is not supported in this beta release).
  • If you select a Setup Type other than CustomServer, do not modify any of the Feature sections, for example, the "License" feature. Use these feature options to customize your installation when using a Setup Type of CustomServer.
  • Changing the ServerSetupType to either Local or Remote will not launch the server as expected.
  • Do not attempt to record a response file at this time. The installation will hang and the response file will be incomplete. Use the file sample unix_response.dat provided with the install kits.

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