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Application Development Articles - Table of Contents

Preliminary version

Jo Grant and Craig Wolpert are members of the IBM Workplace and Lotus Software ISV Technical Enablement team. The list of article below is the result of information gathered while developing a Composite Application sample for Notes 8. Two articles, in bold below are posted. We will post more articles to this forum as they are completed. Please provide feedback on the proposed articles by Monday (2 April 2007). Let us know if we are missing any topics.

First Tier Articles

1.1 Composite Application Sample
This is a high level presentation of the process of creating a Composite Application. It aims to give a sweeping description of the process of developing a composite application from start to finish using the Sales Lead Application as an example. It incorporates material from the other articles describing the details of the process and references them. It includes the complete Sales Lead Application code.

1.2 Designing Composite Applications: Component Design
This discusses tips and techniques for designing components to be used in a Composite App. Maximizing reuse, sharing between Notes 8, Expeditor, and cross group coordination are discussed.

1.3 Developing Composite Applications: Notes Components
This discusses tips and techniques for creating Notes components for composite applications. It discusses enabling view, forms, framesets and combinations of them for maximum leverage of existing applications. The Discussion Database from the Sales Lead App is used for examples and is included with the article.

1.4 Leveraging Portal and Expeditor Composite Application collateral for Notes 8
Explains how to leverage product documentation and which product provides which composite application functionality and documentation.

Second Tier Articles

2.1 Designing Composite Applications: Composite Application Design Patterns.
This discusses best practices for design of Composite Applications. Patterns for components, layouts (groups of components), and applications (groups of pages) will be discussed.

2.2 Developing Composite Applications: Application Assembly
This discusses tips and techniques for assembling components into applications. It discusses application design, page design, maximizing screen real estate, navigation, and wiring.

2.3 Designing Composite Applications: Application Layout
This discusses tips and techniques for designing the layout of a composite application. It discusses pages, using the page navigator, different techniques for navigating through pages. The Mock-up component is introduced, its usage is described, and three different scenarios are described for navigating through selected functionality of the Sales Lead App. Code is included for the Mock-up component, and three Comp Apps using the component to show the three scenarios.

2.4 Designing Composite Applications: Managing the Process
Designing and developing Composite Applications is a different software engineering task from traditional Notes or Eclipse applications. This discusses the roles involved, cross department coordination in a large company, the component economy, and tips and techniques for specification and testing.

Third Tier Articles

3.1 Developing Composite Applications: Debugging
This discusses tips and techniques for debugging composite applications. It discusses the console commands, the extra logging, the PropertyBroker and TopologyHandler components. Code for these two components included. Examples from the Sales Lead App.

3.2 Developing Composite Applications: Expeditor Components
This discusses tips and techniques for creating Expeditor components for composite applications. It introduces several helper classes and features of the Expeditor platform. Components from the Sales Lead App are used for examples and is included with the article.

3.3 Developing Composite Applications: Leveraging Existing Java Applications
This discusses tips and techniques for leveraging existing Java applications in a Composite Application. It discusses techniques for using AWT/SWT applications, traditional Eclipse RCP applications, Applets, and back-end portal code.

3.4 Deploying Composite Applications
This discusses tips and techniques for deploying composite applications. It discusses the choices for deployment, how to update and manage change, and how to asses your current strategies are meeting your needs.

Feedback response number CWOT6ZFL7Y created by Craig Wolpert on 03/19/2007

Things you need to know about the B... (Jan Kenney 8.Mar.07)
. . Release notes (updated on 23 May) (Jan Kenney 9.Mar.07)
. . . . New in beta 3? (Per Jonsson 24.May.07)
. . Productivity Tools User Guide (Jan Kenney 9.Mar.07)
. . . . Productivity Toolkits for Notes 8 B... (Mika Heinonen 10.Mar.07)
. . . . . . Correct (Robert Ingram 10.Mar.07)
. . . . . . Correct - productivity editors are ... (Ed Brill 10.Mar.07)
. . Domino 7 install Guide (also applie... (Jan Kenney 9.Mar.07)
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. . . . System Requirements for iSeries (Rob Berendt 19.Mar.07)
. . . . . . 5722 AC3 pre-req will be removed. (Barbara Foss 27.Mar.07)
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. . How to report Notes 8 Beta issues a... (Jan Kenney 10.Mar.07)
. . Composite Applications Tutorial and... (Jan Kenney 10.Mar.07)
. . Reviewer's Guide for Notes and Domi... (Jan Kenney 12.Mar.07)
. . Domino 8 - Information and known is... (Jan Kenney 15.Mar.07)
. . Activities update (Jan Kenney 15.Mar.07)
. . Application Development Articles - ... (Craig Wolpert 19.Mar.07)
. . . . Article - Designing Composite Appli... (Craig Wolpert 19.Mar.07)
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. . . . Except a bunch of the doc is outdat... (Nathan T. Freem... 23.Apr.07)


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