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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Publishing Property crash Notes 8
Product Area Notes 8 Client
Technical Area New Features
Platform Windows XP client
Release Notes and Domino 8 - GOLD
Reproducible Always
The following script crashes my Notes 8 client. I put the lines in a new action of the inbox folder of a Notes 8 mail database. Independly, where I put lines like this (own database, own property) the publish method lets crash the Notes 8 client.

Anyone an idea?


Dim sess As New NotesSession
Dim pb As NotesPropertyBroker
Dim p As NotesProperty

Set pd = sess.GetPropertyBroker()
Set p = pd.GetProperty("SelectedNameChanged")
p.Values = "name/org"
Call p.Publish()

My Notes 8 Version:

IBM Lotus Notes
Version 8.0
Revision 20070803.1143
Notes Basic Release 8.0
Standard Configuration

Feedback number WEBB77TGBP created by a nebel on 09/18/2019

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