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Feedback Type Problem
Subject policies not applying
Product Area Notes 8 Client
Technical Area Customization
Platform Windows XP client
Release All
Reproducible Intermittent
edit: re-entered into the 8.5 forum (didnt realise there was another one just for that), sorry about that.

Client 8.5 / Servers 6.5.6+8.0.2+8.5

we updated our policies, mostly the new mail ones, and locked a couple of settings, these wont apply at the client.

the policies came down, i can check the document properties fields and they match the values in the current polices - they just wont apply to the client.

i cleared the $DPLocked field from the CalendarProfile and they unlocked but the values still wont update from the policy

i also deleted all documents in the ($Policies) view and let them download again, values are correct but they still wont apply.

i've tried the above against a 6,5.6 server (current production), an 8.0 and 8.5 (test) servers by changing my home server both in my person document and location and it won't update.

are there other fields/documents that should be cleared/deleted to get this to actually update?

i've tagged this as intermittent because occasionally the settings will update, just that when i make changes to the policy afterwards those changes then dont get applied.

Feedback number RNES7RH8GU created by Raymond Neeves on 12/13/2019

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