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Feedback Type Question
Subject @DbCommand("Domino";"ViewNextPage") and @DbCommand("Domino";"ViewPreviousPage") is not working.
Product Area Domino Server
Technical Area User Interface
Platform ALL
Release All
Reproducible Always
Hi Team,

I am using Lotus notes server 8.5.3. I am facing issue with pagination. @DbCommand("Domino";"ViewNextPage") and @DbCommand("Domino";"ViewPreviousPage") is not working.

Here i have page with embedded view with pass through HTML enable and it show 100 line of documents. at the bottom of this page i have two hotpot action with above command to view next and previous page.

When i click on next and previous link it create extra url after the ?openpage like: &Click=85258266006313B2.f7c8d5767552fffb8525741600633bac/$Body/0.37A due to this extra parameter i am not able to view next list of documents.

If i copy same application with documents to local then pagination is working fine however once i re-promote it into server it stop working.

I checked out all the forms however i did not found any answer yet. Kindly please help on this issue.



Feedback number WEBBAXRLDM created by Kuldeep Su Joshi on 10/15/2019

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