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Feedback Type Suggestion
Subject Application, new copy & Mastertemplate
Product Area Notes 8 Client
Technical Area Application development
Platform ALL
Release All
Reproducible Not applicable
Hi all,
we have a development server and a qualification server for our new developments. We use our qualification server to keep a copy of all our templates in case of fall back. When the template on the development server is ready for testing, we create a new template on the qualification server by copy. (Application, new copy....) As the new file on the qualification server is not the "Master template", we will have to manually change the properties of the "old" template (Right click \ Application \ properties -> uncheck "... is a master template") and check "... is a master template" on the new template even so this property is set on the development server version of the template.

We want to create a new copy on the server by script. I found out that I have to change the "$Title" in the icon design element of the old template to "disable" Master Template - do I have to do the same for the new template to "activate" Master Template or is there a different way in Lotus Script (eg "CreateFromTemplate) ? Thank's for your answers :-)

Feedback number WEBBAR4G5V created by Luss Boever on 10/19/2018

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