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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Replication conflicts in Sent Folder on Notes 8.0
Product Area Domino Server
Technical Area Functionality
Platform Windows 2003 server
Release 8.0
Reproducible Intermittent
Hi ,
I have an issue where some of our users and myself are randomly getting replication conflicts for sent emails in the sent folder. The strange part is that it is random and most of the conflict documents that show up as conflicts don't seem to have a master. They just show up in the sent folder as conflicts.

I run our email server (Domino 8.0) on SLES 10 linux and the have the mail files replicated to another server running on W2K3. I initially thought that it was some conflict between replication between the servers running Linux and W2K3 but have another user with the same issue on a mail server running on W2K3.

I have sort of hit a brick wall here because I'm not sure what else to look for. Any idea's anyone?

Feedback number WEBB7CGUY4 created by A Lamb on 12/05/2019

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