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Feedback Type Question
Subject Installing a wildcard certificate from a pfx file
Product Area Domino Server
Technical Area Administration
Platform Windows 2003 server
Release 8.0.1
Reproducible Always
I have a pre-registered wildcard certificate that has been created for the company I work for. (* It is in the format of filname.pfx.

Can I use this for SSL on my domino servers?

I have imported the CA's root certificates but as this is a certificate that was already preregistered I'm not sure what steps to take. Obviously I dont need to make a certificate request as the wildcard already has the private and public keys in it.

I have extracted the .cer by importing the pfx in to internet explorer and exporting it as a cer (base 64 X509)file and when I skip to step 4 in the serer certificate administration database it always complains about the 'No private key exists for this certificate' This would be correct as it does not contain the private key when you export from IE.

Maybe what I need to do is to convert the pfx file to a kyr file? I'm not sure. Please help.

Feedback number WEBB7EM8VM created by A Lamb on 10/20/2019

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