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Subject VBA : choose mailbox and send mail from Excel ?
Product Area Notes 8 Client
Technical Area Application development
Platform Windows Vista client
Release 8.0.2
Reproducible Always
Hi to all,

I have a simple to send an email from Excel :

Private Sub Lotus_SimpleAndWorking()

Dim Session As Object
Dim Dir As Object
Dim Doc As Object
Dim Workspace As Object
Dim EditDoc As Object

'Creation of a memo in Lotus Notes
Set Workspace = CreateObject("Notes.NotesUIWorkspace")
Set Session = CreateObject("notes.NOTESSESSION")
Set Dir = Session.GetDatabase("", "")


'Creation d'un document
Set Doc = Dir.CreateDocument

Doc.form = "Memo"
Doc.Subject = "my subject"
Doc.SendTo = "to whom it may concen"
Doc.body = "some body"

'Display the Mail in Lotus Notes
Set EditDoc = Workspace.EditDocument(True, Doc)
Set Session = Nothing
Set Dir = Nothing
Set Doc = Nothing
Set Workspace = Nothing
Set EditDoc = Nothing

End Sub

It's sending email from my personal account (mail\Mail2\965203.nsf).

But i want to send email from another account. An account used by several people including me.

For that purpose i've change that line :
Set Dir = Session.GetDatabase("", "")

By this one :
Set Dir = Session.GetDatabase("Notes://PARFMB003/SERVERS/GROUP", "mail\Mail4\paitproffi.nsf")

It's not bugging, but it doesn't change anything : it's still sending the mail from my personal account.

What shall i do so it take into account that information : "paitproffi.nsf" (and not use this information i didn't give : "965203.nsf") ?

Thank you for your help !!!


Feedback number WEBBAR6GX7 created by fred beaudire on 10/22/2019

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