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Feedback Type Question
Subject Display an image using Pass-Thru html in the notes client
Product Area Notes 8 Client
Technical Area Application development
Platform ALL
Release 8.0.1
Reproducible Always
OK, I've got a document where I store an image, this form is called Resource. I want to display the image located in the Resouce document in the reservation document. I've included a computed text area and marked it as pass-thru html with it's value being an <img src="yada-yada-yada"> tag. When I open the reservation document I get a red box with an "X" in it in place of where the image should be in the reservation document:

Now, when I put the reservation document in edit mode the image displays properly.

Is there a way around this where it displays the image whether it's in edit mode or not? I've even tried saving it but it still doesn't display the image until the document is in edit mode.

Edit: OK, I found that I can right-click on the red box and select "Show Images" and the image stays available no matter if the document is being edited or not.

So maybe the question should be is there a way to show images by default?

Thanks in advance,

Feedback number KSTD7N3U25 created by Keith Strickland on 12/11/2019

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