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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Mass find/replace on formulas
Product Area Designer Client
Technical Area Application development
Platform Windows 2003 server
Release All
Reproducible -Reproducibility-
I'm fairly new to the development side having been an administrator for about 15 years. I occasionally used the designer client for minor issues, but now I'm in full blown dev mode.

Our Domino server is moving and the file paths are changing as well. The developers who worked our interconnected DBs used hard coded server/path names on hundreds upon hundreds of fields. I'm faced with trying to update all of the instances of them, mostly in pick lists so they are formula-based. Not sure how to do this in scale as it would take a month of Sundays to finish. An example of what exists is below:

Ans:=@PickList([Custom]:[Single];"Server A" : "filepath.nsf" ;"ItemViewSP";"Select Part Number";"Part Number";1);
@SetField ("PAddCBR_12"; @DbLookup("":"NoCache";"Server A" : "filepath.nsf";"ItemViewSP";Ans;1));
@SetField ("PDescrip1_2_12"; @DbLookup("":"NoCache";"Server A" : "filepath.nsf";"ItemViewSP";Ans;2));

Is there a way in the client to do this? Designer find/replace tells me nothing found when I search/replace or even a plain search for Server A or filepath.nsf.

Feedback number WEBBAT5T56 created by Timothy Coriell on 01/16/2019

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