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Feedback Type Problem
Subject Pass-Thru HTML for Notes Client
Product Area Notes 8 Client
Technical Area Application development
Platform Windows XP client
Release 8.0.1
Reproducible Always
I'm trying to use Pass-Thru HTML in Computed Text to display an image on a form. I've got this working on one form and I just copied/pasted the Computed Text to the form that's being used for the Navigation area. The form I copied from, the html is working as expected, however on the navigation form it isn't working at all. Also, the navigation form has the form property "Render Pass Through HTML in notes checked. There are no errors displayed only a red box with an "X" in it. I've checked the URL and it works from a browser.

The code between the 2 is identical. Here is the code:
Resource := ResourceType + "-" + ResourceName;
dbURL := "<img src=\"" + @GetProfileField("External DB Profile";"extThisDBURL") + "/(luResourceTypeName)/" + Resource + "/$File/photo.jpg\">";

I also have on these forms a Computed For Display field named "$DelayedImagesOK" with a value of "OK" after reading this post --->

Here is a screenshot of the working form (I know it isn't an F-150, but I just needed a picture and this was the closest I had):

Here is a screenshot of the form that isn't working in the notes client:

Here's a screenshot of the non-working form in designer to show it is marked as pass-thru html:

Here is the value of the computed text if it isn't marked as Pass-Thru HTML. If I put this URL in the browser it shows the image

Feedback number KSTD7PDMMM created by Keith Strickland on 11/14/2019

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