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Subject Run a Non-IBM program with program doc
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Hey BS

I do not think you read my post very well !!!

How do you know for sure the exe is not running or the program doc is not running.

[NG] Because it is not changing the routers settings, that is what the program does, I can see in the browser that the program doc does not work :)

Have you tried at a cmd prompt on the server to run the exe? Maybe you need to specify the path for the exe in the command line

[NG] Yes I have many time, while I was debuggin the router.exe program & many many times since, I have a pretty good idea of how to troubleshoot my own code after almost 40 years of software engineering !!!

You can create a batch file with the exe and echod to a txt file right before and right after the exe runs.

[NG] Thanks for the tip, tried this and many other 'things' to see if it was working !!!

[NG] So BS my question is 'Have you ever created a prog. doc. ???"


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