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Subject I can't give you all peaces at this moment, however, this should help some
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There is multiple options:

a) create a copy of one of your own mailfile without data or bild a new one from scratch (Crtl -N, select the server, select the Mailtemplate).

=> you would get something looking exactly like your personal calendar. The database could be opened by other folks by using Crtl-O (and knowing where the new database is) and afterwards bookmarked for later used. However, some things will not work as expected, other things not at all - sample: If you send a mailf rom here, it will use the send folder from this database, not your own. Another sample: Inviting others would not work as expected.

b) You could use a ressource. In general this is the way to go if you want something, that can't be overbooked (only one thing happening in the same time) - I guess this is not what you want.

c) You could check if a teamroom (Crtl-N, template is available if selected from server) offers all you need, and use this one

d) You could create another user, and using that users you could free access to everyone. This would allow folks in their own maildatabase to use the 'open another calendar' featuers to access your new user.

I am more than 99% sure that only d) would be charged by IBM.

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