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Subject Truly think I was clear the first time around :)
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Hey BS

I know I was clear the first time around, my post started with -> "I'm a newbie to Program Documents"

First let me say that I have been involved with Notes client and servers since 1.0a so don't be so smart.

[NG] Gee that is so impressive, but you are still struggling to read and understand English !!!

The question was are you sure the program doc actually runs and does it excute the exe. That is why I stated to try a batch file where you can echo to a file right before and after it ran.

[NG] Thats "excute" what ???

[NG] Pls. stop talking about the program - I'm a newbie to "Program Documents", I do not want to hear about the program !!!

Truly think I was clear the first time around

[NG] You are making a fool of yourself

[NG] I asked you do you have experience with "Program Documents", you did not answer, so I am guessing that is a NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO from BS ???


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