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Subject Description of how to design what you want
Hi. The first field should be set to Refresh fields on keyword change in the Field properties dialogbox. The second Combobox should be set in it's field properties to Refresh choices on document refresh. Also, in your second Combobox Choices area of the field properties dialogbox, select Use formula for choices. Your formula should use the first Combobox field name in an if statement. If you want two values for your second Combobox and your first Combobox has 3 values of firstchoicevalue, secondchoicevalue, and thirdchoicevalue, then your formula might look like something like @If (Combobox1fieldname="firstchoicevalue";"choice1":"choice2";Combobox1fieldname="secondchoicevalue";"anotherchoice1":"anotherchoice2";"lastchoice1":"lastchoice2"). Notice how the choices for the second Combobox are separated with colons.

Feedback response number WEBBAS3W5R created by Dave M Smith on 12/12/2018

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