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Subject A Couple of things..
Most Admins has allready put in place a policy that excludes te followin from RT AntiVirus scanning:

C:\Lotus\Notes\* /R
C:\Program Files\Lotus\Notes\* /R

But, there is likely no exclusion of:

C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\* /R

I Have found that both this and the AV tools used will have a notable effect on the "loading" and runtime performanve of Lotus Notes (any version R4-R8)

Also, for those that Run Vista/Srv2008 etc.
Try this:

Start a CMD.EXE with administrative privileges
Righclick on the icon for Programs\Accessories\Command Line and choose "Run as Administrator"

Then enter the following on one line:

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

and press the Enter key.

Watch Lotus Notes fly...

Oh, and any Google Desktop and/or MSN Search with Notes integration will kill Your experience.

Feedback response number WEBB7BST8H created by Dag Kvello on 11/21/2019

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