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Subject I agree, Lotus should fix but...
The perception that Windows is consistent across all popular applications is a myth, for example even in Microsoft products:

Microsoft Access F5 = Dependent on design element context
Microsoft PowerPoint F5 = Start Slideshow
Microsoft Excel F5 = Goto
Microsoft Outlook 2000 F5 = Check for eMail
Microsoft Project F5 = Goto or Make Gantt Bar Visible
Microsoft Word F5 = Find & Replace
Microsoft Outlook Express F5 = Refresh
Microsoft Windows Explorer F5 = Refresh
Microsoft Internet Explorer F5 = Refresh
Microsoft Publisher 2003 F5 = Goto Page Folder
Microsoft FrontPage F5 = Refresh and Run Macro in Module Window
Microsoft OneNote F5 = Save As
Microsoft InfoPath F5 = Open or Save As
Microsoft Visio 2003 F5 = Refresh File List or Open in Full Screen
Microsoft Great Plains software F5 = Refresh

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