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Subject: E-Mail posted date display.
Feedback Type: Problem
Product Area: Notes 8 Client
Technical Area: User Interface
Platform: Windows XP client
Release: Beta 2
Reproducible: Always

In older versions of Notes, not sure when it changed, the Date/Time displayed in an e-mail was the originators Posted Date.
In the Views, like Inbox, the date displayed is and was the Delivered Date.

Users got used to this, and someday somebody at Lotus changed the template so that the display is the same in the View and in the e-mail (document displayed).

Reasons exits for both, some people complained in the past about the different displays, but understood the difference after some explanations.

Now this users complain because they miss the Posted Date information, they say they NEED to know when the originator sent the message.

This "not knowing" the posted date/time is really annoying when you get pop3 e-mail via replication to your local mail file, and all date/time information displayed is the one of the time you replicated to get the e-mails.

So, now I have the unwanted obligation to always alter the formulas in the mail template to satisfy long time Notes users.

Below is how I changed the DisplayDate_1 field formula to get the old behaviour back.
I just reversed the PostedDate and the DeliveredDate parts in the formula.

date := @If(@IsNewDoc; @Created; PostedDate != ""; PostedDate; DeliveredDate != ""; DeliveredDate; @Created);

This is also "wrong" in Notes 7 and in Notes 6.5.4, I have no information on when this was changed.
I would like the "old" way back.

Or, if it must be the new way, add an option in preferences to have it reversed to the old style,
OR BETTER, display both...And there goes away more real estate on the screen...
"Help poor manufacturers earn money selling bigger LCDs."


Feedback number ASCH6ZZ248 created by Alexandre Schoch on 04/05/2007

Status: Open

E-Mail posted date display. (Alexandre Schoc... 5.Apr.07)
. . I agree (Peter Felsmann 5.Apr.07)
. . . . Same here (Kurt Schwanz 6.Apr.07)


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