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Nov 28, 2017, 4:35 PM
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Configuring Notes client on Linux w/out installing

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I am a Java developer that's been assigned a task to develop some code that must interface with Notes databases on a remote server. I am new to interfacing with Notes via Java, so I'm floundering a lot. Here's what I know, what I've done, and what I'm working with:

  • My code needs to run on a Linux server (no user interface available). I do have the 9.0.1 RPMs but, due to security restrictions regarding some of Notes' required libraries (mainly X), I cannot simply install them.
  • The remote databases have been set up for me. I cannot administer them nor log into those remote systems.
  • I have the Notes.jar file, a 32-bit JRE, and an ID file that the DB's admin provided me.
  • I know that I need to LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the native libs that come with the Notes install. I've used rpm2cpio to unpack the RPMs, so I can see the .so's now.
  • I am trying to write a "Hello, world"-level program that, at this point, simply performs a NotesFactory.createSession(), and this fails with an "UnsatisfiedLinkError".

So, at this point, my initial question is this:

Can I make this work without having to fully install Notes on my Linux server? In other words, can I somehow use the contents of the Notes client RPM to stand up my code, without having to "properly" install it?

I do suspect that I am missing something, like some environment settings, or files/directories in my home directory, etc (for starters, anyway).

Thank you for reading and for any help you can provide.


Dec 1, 2017, 5:38 AM
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Configuring Notes client on Linux w/out installing

I'm afraid your query is beyond me but wanted to reply in the hope others may take the time to contribute.

Are you saying there is an external IBM Domino server in one environment and in your environment you have neither an IBM Domino server or an IBM Notes client installed? Further that you're trying to execute code on the Linux Server which will then interact with the Domino Server in the other environment? On my Windows IBM Notes client the Notes.jar file is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes\jvm\lib\ext
Sadly I know very little of Linux or JRE but I can't help feeling your goal is somewhat ambitious! 

Always good to hear people are still trying clever things with Domino.

Good luck.

Dec 11, 2017, 7:27 AM
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I've not tried what you're doing so I've no idea how to get it working without installing the Notes client and configuring it.


If you don't want to install the Notes client then you can try DIIOP but this must be setup and running on the target Domino server.  This will let you connect to the Domino server over HTTP/HTTPS and just use a user name and password and you won't need a Notes ID file and may let you get away with just having the install files on the machine:


Dec 19, 2017, 1:30 AM
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How about installing Domino instead of Notes
If installing Notes fails for the lack of some required X libraries, as you wrote, it might be worth trying to install Domino instead. While providing you with all required APIs to do what you are after, Domino is capable of running headless, so it won't need any X libraries to install.

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