Nov 21, 2017, 4:21 PM
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Archive by Expiration Date

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I have a user who has some mail rules set up to mark certain incoming email with expiration dates.  From what I can tell, this process is working correctly.  I've looked a several of the emails in question and they all have an ExpiredDate property that is set to the appropriate date.

The user then created (or more specifically modified the default) an archive rule that should archive all mail in all folders with an expiration date older than 1 day.

After running the archive process, he still has several documents with archive dates varying from 1 to a few hundred days old. 

I've run some experiments on my client and manually set the expiration date on several emails then set up the archive process to archive those messages and nothing is getting archived.  I even unchecked the "Delete a document only when the criteria can delete all responses as well" box, but that had no effect.

What am I missing?

Nov 21, 2017, 4:57 PM
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Is there no longer an expiration date to set for archive?

I thought there was already an expiration date that could be set and then configured so the archiver would run on it.

Which leads me to ask what that setting is set to.

Nov 21, 2017, 5:22 PM
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We're setting the expiration date

Unless I'm mistaken, you and I are talking about the same thing, Mike.  The mail message have an expiration date, but the user is using some mail rules to set the date for specific messages.  When I was testing, I was just manually setting the date.  Those expiration dates are set anywhere from several months ago to a few days ago.

The archive rule is set to archive any messages that have passed the Expiration date by more than 1 day.

If you are referring to something else, please enlighten me.  I'd appreciate the knowledge.