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Having a problem with using Rules in that emails show up in two folders.

I have two rules, both of which "move" the email to separate folders.  An email that satisfies both rules shows up in both folders.  I would expect the first rule to perform the move and the second to never be executed.


May 6, 2016, 1:12 PM
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Every time a piece of email is received, all rules are looked at.  If a single piece of mail meets the criteria for multiple rules, than all of the rules will apply to that email.

May 6, 2016, 4:10 PM
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Re: Rules
Hello Hayes!

> Stopping the processing of a mail rule
You can now use a "stop processing" action when setting up mail rules. The stop processing action stops the processing of all rules that follow the rule containing the stop processing action. You can use the stop processing action alone, that is, as the only action in a mail rule, or you can use it with another action in a rule, and it can also be in one rule that is in a series of rules. This is especially useful when more than one rule could apply to a message, but you want execution of mail rules to stop after the first action is executed. For example, you can define the following rules:

Rule 1) If Subject contains Marketing Move to database Marketing Information and Stop Processing Rules
Rule 2) If Subject contains Sales Don't deliver message
Result: If the subject line contains the subject "Marketing and Sales," the message is moved to the Marketing Information database and processing stops. No other action is taken on the message.

I hope it helps!

Best Regards!

Rodrigo San Vicente