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How to know the Notes Client language with LS

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  • Release: 9.0.1
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I want change the signature email for users.

many user are Notes Client with french version

many others with english version.

I realize the "Default Sans Serif" for english version are not the same as "Sans Serif par défaut"

also when I use the code 

    nrts.NotesFont = nrti.GetNotesFont("Default Sans Serif")'"Sans Serif par défaut", True)

   The font of french users are not set properly.  Some of them doesn't have the "Default Sans Serif" font (weird is a basic one)


So how can I know the language version of Notes client to set the good font?

here a sample of my code

' =====================================


    Set nrti = New NotesRichTextItem(pnd, "Empl_SignatureElement3")
    Call nrti.Addnewline(1)

    MessageBox CStr(nrti.GetNotesFont("Default Sans Serif", True)), 48, "Default Sans Serif"   ' output 5
    MessageBox CStr(nrti.GetNotesFont("Sans Serif par défaut", True)), 48, "Sans Serif par défaut"   ' output 6
    ' Définition du Style
    Set nrts = gns_A.CreateRichTextStyle
    'nrts.NotesFont = nrti.GetNotesFont(5)'"Default Sans Serif", True)
    nrts.NotesFont = nrti.GetNotesFont(6)'"Sans Serif par défaut", True)
    nrts.FontSize = 10
    nrts.Bold = True
    Call nrti.AppendStyle(nrts)
    Call nrti.AppendText(Trim(v_Element))
    nrts.Bold = False
    Call nrti.AppendStyle(nrts)

' ========================================



Apr 6, 2017, 3:08 PM
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I think you can read the language info in the notes.ini ...