Feb 4, 2015, 5:06 AM
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Domino 9.01 and IIS

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We currently run our Company Website on a Windows 2000 server running IIS 5 on the front-end and Domino 6.5 on the back-end, using the Websphere plugin for communication between 

the 2 technologies. 


I have recently built a development server running IIS 7.0 and Domino 9.01 also using the latest Websphere plugin and deployed the code from our Live site on it. However, I notice that the 

site runs fractionally slower on the newer machine, with a split second delay when opening some pages, which does not happen on the older server. Once you are on the site on the new machine,

it does seem to speed up.


In terms of spec, the new server is running Windows 2008 64bit,m has a Xeon processor and 16GB of ram, and a raid 1 mirror.


The server has no users on it. It merely replicates databases on a periodic basis and hosts the development web site.


Can anyone suggest what could be causing the delay and how to fix it.


I would appreciate any suggestions.






Feb 6, 2015, 12:56 PM
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possible debug strategy
on the domino side you can track the performance of the request using domino http thread logs
tell http debug thread on

tell http debug thread off

Title:        Overview of HTTP Request Logs for Domino Web server
Doc #:        7003598

on the IIS was plugin

could look to collecting traces in the native.log
modify your plugin xml

and maybe fiddler saz traces from the client perspective

by comparing the native.log at IIS-
htthr at Domino  -  

and fiddler saz
hopefully you can more carefully pinpoint which piece is seeing the bulk of the slowdown