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Feb 10, 2017, 8:53 AM
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Clicking on "To:" causes Notes client to freeze

  • Category: Mail
  • Platform: Apple Mac OS
  • Release: 9.0.1
  • Role: End User
  • Tags: MacOS,freeze,Address list
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Hi there,

One of our users is having a problem with IBM Notes on her Mac.

Here is the info from her person document:

Notes client build: Release 9.0.1EXT SHF766

Notes client platform: Macintosh/64 Intel 10.9.2

When she composes a new email and clicks on "To:", the address list dialog box does not open and her Notes client freezes.

She has to click on escape to regain control of the client.

However, autocomplete works when she starts typing an address in the To field.

We have deleted the workspace folder in her Notes data directory but the problem persists.

I checked her log.nsf and found an error about a file in her mailfile.ft being locked. I deleted the .ft folder and recreated her index. She does not get the error in the log.nsf anymore but she still has the issue when clicking on "To:"

Can anyone please help?

Feb 13, 2017, 7:03 PM
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The technote may not be directly relevant

The technote says that the apparent hang is hard to reproduce while the OP seems to be saying that the problem seen on the Mac is easily reproduced by clicking on the To: field.  It would be worthwhile, however, to generate an NSD when the client hangs to see if the crash stack has any similarities to the one shown in the technote.

Feb 14, 2017, 3:43 AM
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issue seems to be with dialog box size and screen resolution


Thanks for the responses.

Indeed, the issue happens every time the user clicks on "To:"

Something else the user pointed out: when she opens her names.nsf, goes to "My contacts" and clicks on "Browse for contact", it freezes her client.

So, the issue is with that names selection dialog box.

I gave her access to my mail file. Opened my mail file, created a new mail, clicked on "To:"... Notes froze... so it is a problem on her client.

I made a new copy of the names.nsf, closed Notes and renamed it so that Notes will use it as the mail contacts db. Unfortunately, it did not solve the issue.


Made a copy of Notes Preferences, deleted it, restarted Notes and this time it worked!

The user has a second screen connected to her Mac (extended screen).

I realised that if the Notes client is on her Mac's physical screen, it works.

If I drag the Notes client to the secondary screen and click on "To:", it works once. If I click on it again, it freezes Notes. Even if I drag the client back to the primary screen, clicking on To: freezes the client.

I deleted Notes Preferences, restarted Notes and it is working again... We asked the user to keep the Notes client on the primary screen as a temporary workaround.


I looked at the contents of the original Notes Preferences and here are some weird entries:




It looks like Notes is trying to create a dialog box that is way bigger than the screen resolution...

If I compare with values from my notes.ini (I am on a windows laptop, but I also use an extended secondary screen), here is what I see:




Is there a definite solution to this?

Feb 24, 2017, 11:47 AM
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A suggestion

If the user exits the Notes client, renames their names.nsf, and then starts the client, do they have the same issue?  I saw a recent example of someone reporting slowness (not a hang) when creating an email but before selecting an address, and the problem was found to be with their local Contacts.

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