Aug 31, 2017, 3:05 AM
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Room availability not up to date

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Hi there,

We are having a problem with our rooms and reservations database.

A room has been reserved for a meeting (The receptionist opened the rooms and reservations database and created the reservation)

Later on she deleted the reservation.

She now wants to create a new reservation for that same room and for the same date.

However, the room does not appear in the list of free rooms.

If I change the date to 1 day later and click search, I get that room as available.

If I check in the view "Reservations By Date", there is no entry for that room on that date.

I have already restarted the tasks "Rooms and Resources" and "Schedule Manager" but the issue persists.

Can anyone help please?

Aug 31, 2017, 3:25 PM
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Some questions & a suggestion
It is extremely unusual for the Rooms & Resource Manager (RnRMgr) to not free up a room if the reservation is removed.  I can only think of a couple edge case scenarios where a destructive action to R&R would be missed.  Before getting to the fix I have some questions:

1: Was the RnRMgr running at the time the reservation was deleted?  
2: If your R&R is clustered, did R&R cluster failover trigger around the time the time of the deletion?
3: Has it happened more than once?
4: Can you reproduce the problem?

Ok now on to cleaning up busytime.  

The easiest way to get phantom busytime entries to be removed is to use the check console command.  For instance, tell rnrmgr check FULL_ROOM/NAME/HERE where FULL_ROOM/NAME/HERE is the full canonical name of the room (e.g. tell rnrmgr check Conf Room 1/HQ/IBM).  This will cause RnRMgr to check all existing busytime entries against the reservations in the database.  Any that do not exist any more will be removed from busytime.  

You can confirm this by checking the busytime data via a new meeting invite and inviting the room (look on the Find Available Times tab).  The other more complicated way is to use the show console command (e.g. tell rnrmgr show Conf Room 1/HQ/IBM) and check the list of data for any known bad entries.

If the check command does not work for you, please open a Support Ticket so we can look into why the command failed to do its job.  Support can also help with fixing the busytime issue.  They will likely ask you to set the INI DEBUG_RNRMGR=17 and then repeat the check command.  (The INI will cause RnRMgr to log information as it attempts to match busytime docs to busytime entries.)