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Aug 25, 2016, 9:43 PM
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Coloured Text - Spaces Removed

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I have encountered a problem with sending messages containing coloured text from a Notes client running on Windows 10.
We have two Domino servers  (lets call them A&B) both running 9.0.1FP3.

DominoA (internal network) sends SMTP messaging to a secure host.  DominoB (DMZ) routes SMTP through DominoA

Messages which contain coloured text are having the spaces removed when sent externally, any coloured text appears as one long word.  Notes client 9.0 and 9.0.1 fp6 display the same issue.

Connecting to DominoB or DominoA with a Notes client will replicate the issue. Connecting with a web client to DominoB will not replicate the issue and coloured text is formatted correctly when it reaches it's recipient.

I have tried the changing/confirming the preferences in the Notes client (Internet mail and location) but to no avail. I even tried Windows compatibility mode running as Windows 7, same results.
The fact that webmail doesn't produce the issue despite using the same Domino network leads my nose to the client.

Any ideas?




Aug 30, 2016, 5:13 PM
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Replace design?

Can you create a new mail database with old 8.5 design (using StdMailR85 from 8.5 Client) then send mail using this base? Does issue persist in this case?

Aug 30, 2016, 9:39 PM
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No change

Great suggestion thanks,  unfortunately it made no difference. Using the 8.5 mail template the problem has persisted. 

Has anyone else seen or replicated this issue?

Aug 31, 2016, 9:42 AM
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What setting do you have for " Format of messages addressed to internet addresses " in your location document , MIME ?
You could try setting it to Notes Rich Text  so that the conversion to MIME will be done on the server and not the Notes client .
Since it works OK for the web client it may be the conversion on the client that is causing the issue .
Aug 31, 2016, 2:16 PM
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test case

I created note in my Notes 9.0.1FP6 Standart Client on Windows 10 Home (1607) with two strings of text with spaces, every string have own color, and sent it to external address via Domino 9.0.1FP6. On external address I open message with Windows 10 Mail client - text  was displayed properly. On client 'Format for messages for Internet' is set to MIME

Aug 31, 2016, 10:57 PM
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Changing the location document to RT and letting the server do the conversion (from Notes to Plain Text and HTML) has resolved the problem.

It's more a workaround than a fix but I'm running with it.
Thanks for all your input.


Aug 31, 2016, 10:57 PM
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Coloured Text - Spaces Removed

I should clarify, changing colour mid sentence will trigger the problem. Single colour strings are ok.



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