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Domino Rename User Complication

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I am in a process of changing users certifier and I am using the rename function.

So I selected the users, Rename, then i went to Admin4.nsf to approve the request. in console, I do 'tell adminp process new', all the selected users person doc have the new certifier name. which is cool. The next part if the annoying part.

I log in using the user .id file, File > Security > Switch ID

- in some cases, I get a prompt to accept the new certifier and do a cross certify. I then check the .id file and the name contains the new certifier. adminp then go on to change ACL, mail owner... etc and I am happy

- in some cases, I do not get the prompt. the id name does not change and nothing happen to the ACL, mail owner...etc. This is annoying

What have I done wrong?

all the users have the same policy and they are iNotes users.

Worst case, the old name returned to the person document after a week or so...

May 1, 2015, 11:01 AM
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Moving a user name in the name hierarchy

Moving a user name in the name hierarchy

When you move a user to a different Organizational Unit, the certifier changes, thus the user's name hierarchy changes. Since the name hierarchy in IBM® Lotus® Domino® and IBM® Lotus® Notes® is part of the user's name, when you move a user to a different certifier you have essentially changed the user's name. You can use the Administration Process to move a user name to a different location (Organizational Unit) in the organization's hierarchical name scheme or to move a name to a different Organization altogether.

For example, if Alice Brown/Marketing/Acme leaves a job in the Marketing department for a job in Sales, you can certify her user ID with the /Sales/Acme certifier, which, in effect, moves her to that Organizational Unit. Her full hierarchical name then becomes Alice Brown/Sales/Acme.

You can also move a user to another Organization, however to do so, your Domino Directory must contain cross-certificates between the Organizations involved. So, for example, if Alice Brown/Marketing/Acme leaves a job at Acme to work for the Acme subsidiary AcmeSub that has its own Organization Certifier, you can certify her ID with the /AcmeSub certifier so that her name becomes Alice Brown/AcmeSub. Using this example, the Domino Directory must have cross-certificates between /Acme and /AcmeSub.

There are two parts to moving a user name:

  1. Request the move using the originating certifier.
  2. Complete the move by using the target (new) certifier to approve the request and issue the new certificate.  This is performed in the Admin4.nsf
Jul 12, 2016, 4:39 PM
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User's public key determines whether there is a prompt to accept the name change

If the public key stored in the Notes ID does not match what is stored in the Certificates tab of the Person Record, then the user will not get prompted to accept the name change.