Nov 8, 2017, 7:55 AM
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Domino Mail Servers - 3rd party Monitoring Query

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Hi All, looking for some advise on monitoring Domino mail servers using a 3rd party product.

Just for some background info, I have quite limited experience with Domino, I normally support Exchange Server which I have more experience with but the person who normally supports Domino is not available so I have been picking up support as best as I can.

The client environment consists of 4 Mail Servers and 1 Traveler server, the 4 mail servers are clustered.

We are monitoring the clients environment using a 3rd party enterprise level product, so other services and server operating system's etc are all being monitored with no issues.

A Domino MIB has been provided to the Monitoring team who have imported it into the monitoring product so they are able to see all of the Monitors that can be enabled, all I need to do is respond with them advising on what I want enabled and what I want the thresholds to be.

I can confirm we are able to query the server via SNMP traps which have successfully pulled back information on certain counters as a test so connectivity seems fine from the Monitoring probe to the Domino servers.

My biggest problem is I have no idea which monitors I would like to have enabled, they have provided me with a list of 800 monitors available, a few example monitors if it helps are;


Again this is a very small snippet of monitors I can choose to select, I just pasted them in as an example.

Is anyone aware of any articles that can specify critical Monitors you would want to enable and also a baseline threshold?

A similar article for Exchange 2013 is -

This article helped me when i wanted to determine what to tweak and enable when the Exchange monitoring deployment was udnerway for another client.


Any help would be appreciated on this, even if some of you long time Domino Admins can confirm that nothing does exist, at least then I can explain to management so I dont go on any wild goose chases.

Thanks in advance


Nov 9, 2017, 2:58 PM
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Generally? Domino is more general purpose than a mail server.

A Domino server can be configured in so many different ways to focus on whatever the server's doing, that it may be difficult to find out.

I've seen recommendations to "watch the drive size & errors", but I haven't seen a description of just what those entries are.

And I'd love to know how much time the server is taking to update FT indexes (or refresh views) ... but I haven't been able to track that down.


Nov 14, 2017, 10:56 AM
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Domino Mail Servers - 3rd party Monitoring Query

Thanks for the response Mike.

I am arranging to speak with a Domino Developer consultant within my company, if I find out anything useful I will post back here, the company I support mainly use their Domino infrastructure for email, all applications/databases are supported by the company themselves.

Any other information is always welcome.


Nov 16, 2017, 2:36 PM
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What was being monitored at my previous employ

I've forgotten the name of the monitoring tool that was being used at the last place I was an administrator (I'm a notes developer now in my current job and appreciate not having to do cell-duty)

The things we monitored were:

  1. Whether the server was up (Ping test)
  2. Number of messages in the routing mail boxes.

Item 2 involved a process that could look into the mail{n}.box databases. If we start accumulating more than 20-30 messages, then there's likely a routing/connection issue with the servers. They only did mail servers so the process of distributing new users was pretty automated and disk space wasn't a big concern. (They were using i-series IBM servers which were pretty beefy)

Nov 29, 2017, 4:57 AM
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Links I was provided

Thanks Mark, I was sent this link (which is more for SolarWinds monitoring);

It also contains a SolarWinds template (not much use for the monitoring system we use) but it gives me an idea on where i can start, will just need to find the equivalent monitor OID in the product we have. At least this link also gives me a brief description of what the monitor is and what it does, I have been sent a list with 800 but no description, I will figure it out.

I plan to review them, see what I can maybe match up with certain Domino terminologies, such as router, mailbox etc, I will enable them but not to alert, then I'll generate a report after a few days and see if I can work out some sort of average threshold to set them to.

Thanks a lot for your help, if anyone does have anymore then feel free to post.