Jan 30, 2018, 12:03 PM
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Connected to the wrong server - Connecting to server using multiple DNS names

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TLDR; I need to be able to connect to the same Domino server from the Client using at least 2 addresses: server.domain.com and altname.domain.com using the DNS name (without creating connection documents).


I have a set-up where Notes Clients need to connect to a certain Domino Server (ServerD at server.domain.com) without creating a connection document.

The application connects to the server using a DNS name (something like Call DB.Open("publicserver.domain.com", "pubdb.nsf"))

Alternatively, the user can press Ctrl+O, enter publicserver.domain.com in the server field and browse directly.

The server has 1 IP address, and both DNS names point to this IP.

The problem is that the connection will only succeed if the DNS address used is the same entered in the Server's Document under Fully qualified Internet host name. And this field accepts a single value only.

The error being generated is:

Checking for publicserver.domain.com on TCPIP using address 'publicserver.domain.com'
  Connected to the wrong server ServerD/Domain using address publicserver.domain.com
  Unable to connect to server.domain.com on TCPIP (Connection denied. The server you connected to has a different name from the one requested.)
  ... Unable to find path to server...

I tried entering the additional addresses under Ports>Notes Network Ports (in the server document), but nothing changed.

Is there a trick to achieve this?

Jan 31, 2018, 6:18 PM
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It worked!

Many thanks, Shaun!

I've spent 2 full days trying to solve this. Your suggestion worked great.