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Calendar comptatibility mode

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Lotus Notes has an incompatibility issue with Outlook.  The issue is with recurring meetings because the options for recurring meetings in Lotus Notes are not al the same with those in Outlook.  In previous versions of Lotus Notes we could modify the NOTES.INI file by adding:



These settings would ensure that the recurring meeting options shown to the user when scheduling a meeting would only be those that are compatible with Outlook.  With these options set in the NOTES.INI file, the Lotus Notes user would be able to select the "Some invitees use other email programs" checkbox and be limited to choose only from the common recurring options of Notes and Outlook.

With Lotus Notes 9, those settings no longer seem to work in the NOTES.INI file.  The "Some invitees use other email programs" checkbox no longer shows.  If those 2 settings no longer work for Lotus Notes 9, then what is the new solution?

Thank you.

George Almeida

Feb 26, 2018, 1:09 PM
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Use a Mail Policy
The original INI is somewhat limited in what it allowed Notes to do.  When it was first created the approach was to basically to restrict the allowed options in the Repeat Options dialog.

With 9.x there was a lot of work done under the covers to improve interoperability with non-Notes calendar clients.  Since different systems have different abilities a single INI was no longer going to be that useful.  To allow for different options in different cases with the variety of other systems out there the answer was to use a Mail Policy to hold a whole bunch of settings.  In order for the more robust Mail Policy settings to work when applied they were given priority over the INI when determining when to show / hide the checkbox you mentioned.  

The new settings are easily configured on the Client Detection tab of the Mail Policy.  
  • On the Basics sub-tab you should select "Detect compatibility mode from attendee addresses".
  • On the Domain Mapping sub-tab you can select your preferred default client using the "E-mail application to use for any domain not listed on this tab" pulldown.  I recommend setting it to IBM Notes but that could just be a personal bias.  
    Make sure you add domain mappings for the different non-Notes and Notes systems you exchange email with.
  • There is no need to make any changes to the default settings on the Client Settings tab
    Once you create the Mail Policy, simply make it part of a policy you apply to your users.  

    You will want to make sure you are running the latest 9.01FP client to get the best interoperability experience.  With all of the interoperability improvements made in recent releases you really do not need to be using the "Some invitees use other email programs" checkbox any more.
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    Bruce, thank you for your reply.  I believe you do not specify but your instructions are for something to be done on the server side and not the client side, correct?