Sep 12, 2017, 8:40 PM
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Domino 901 FP9 with Traveler

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just done domino 901 FP9 upgrade from FP8 IF3, uninstalled IF3 before installing FP9 resarted ok, then did traveler to restarted ok

but have started getting error message in the server log as follows

they are new, I wasn't getting these with the FP8IF3 with configuration

13/09/2017 09:58:19 AM  HTTP JVM: 71764261 [Traveler-0913094314335_7e719c6e-25c7-49b1-82ab-ca5265ac8917_CN=xxxxx /OU=xxxxxx/O=xxxxxx-730] INFO  - Traveler: IBM Traveler task did not respond within the allotted time frame (905,000 milliseconds).  Client request denied for CN=xxxxxx/OU=xxxxx/O=xxxxxx.

seems to be on older devices running ActiveSync connections with WinPhone8 OS

error doesn't happen on every connection, and the devices still send and receive email

in the Domino Web Server log I see corresponding

Request:POST /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?jQAJDBA5WlyN94wZhaloyly7uAPJBLoozEkDV1A4 HTTP/1.1
Status:503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE (The server is currently unable to handle a request)

have been through the traveler sync troubleshooting IBM doc, no issues found

can anyone help, any thoughts please ?

thanks and regards



Sep 13, 2017, 4:02 PM
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RE: Domino 901 FP9 with Traveler
Requests from the devices come through Domino HTTP where the Traveler servlet packages up the request, sends it over an IPC socket (default is port 50125) to the Traveler process, and waits for a response (on port 50126).  If the servlet gets the response, it relays it back to the device.  If the servlet does not get a response, then you get the timeout message shown and the servlet returns the 503.

These errors should have nothing to do with the versions of Domino and Traveler that you have upgraded from or to as this basic communication has basically always been this way.

Normally, these issues are network related as the two process can't talk to each other, something has gone wrong in the socket setup and the sockets aren't there (netstat helps find those), or something really is hung up on the Traveler side (such as a Domino API call).

If a reboot of the machine (OS reboot, not just restart Domino) doesn't fix it, you are going to need to open a PMR for us to look at what is going on as there are just too many possibilities to speculate on here.
Sep 17, 2017, 9:40 PM
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Re: Re: Domino 901 FP9 with Traveler


follow up, just in case anyone else looks

did several restarts and power off of the server, not just domino, but the problem persisted

had a look with netstat and could see connections being established on 50125 and 50126, waited a while hoping to see a failure or timeout event, but none happened in the time I was watching, which is kind of consistent because it wasn't happening for all device sync requests, only some of them and infrequently

given your comments I looked at the windows system

the day prior to installing 901 FP9 I had separately installed two windows updates, one was a monthly security rollup kb4034681, the other was a .net optional update kb3186539

uninstalled the .net update and restarted - running 2hrs so far and the timeout problem timeout has not reappeared 

The few devices that had the problem have sync'd several times and seem to be back to working without any issues

if it recurs I'll look at the PMR option




Sep 18, 2017, 8:29 AM
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Do you have the KB number oof the update that you removed?


Sep 20, 2017, 3:25 AM
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Re: Re: Domino 901 FP9 with Traveler


spoke too soon

after about 12 hrs I noticed the problem was happening again

so I uninstalled the other windows update, kb4034681, and problem still happened

decided it wasn't the windows updates causing the issue so went back for another look at the domino & traveler configuration

installed over the top of, ie downgraded traveler from latest release 19 to earlier release 18

have been running like this for more than 24 hrs and so far the problem has not reappeared

the current configuration is now domino 9.0.1 FP9 with traveler



Nov 19, 2017, 7:42 PM
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traveller has been released, and includes a fix for 'not responding'

will give it a try